Doge Coin Black Project

We are the first Meme Token with the aim of building a long term project where our investors feel safe and secure while we BUIDL towards giving everyday more utility to our core token DOGEB. Join us and be part of the #MoonArmy.

This project born with the vision of creating a world of experiences around the Doge Coin Black token making it a sustainable and long term project.

Everyday the core team and it's community work in perfect synchrony to reach the goals we have set as one big family.

DOGE COIN BLACKbrings everyone together inside the #MoonArmy to create the strongest community in the crypto world.

What is Crypto?

Problems and Solutions

Thousands of meme tokens are created daily without any purpose, just pump and dump projects.
Liberty Reserve exchanger domain names were seized.


Everyday we see the born and death of a lot of memecoins project that only seek to drain their communities hard earned crypto. They have no vision or project at all.

If their leaders had a strong vision or plan this wouldn't be happening.



The Doge Coin Black project was created to unite the fun and exciting of a Meme token project with a strong long term plan.

Everyone loves being part of a great themed project like Doge Coin Black , we have the #MoonArmy, our loyal and strong support community that has a great input and impact on every decision we make.

Also we have a strong plan that we are going to execute to create an ecosystem where our $DOGEB token will be gaining value day after day as it'll be used a storage of value for all the projects we will impulse using the Doge Coin Black Brand.

Doge Coin Black Roadmap

December 2021
Doge Coin Black
Platform idea
January 2022
Technical & strategy
Update on BscScan
Listings PancakeSwap
March 2022
Airdrop CoinmarketCap 10,000 Holders
August 2022
Beta Swap
Doge Coin Black
December 2022
Software development kit
for integrations
February 2023
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android
About coin

Our Token

We are the first project to develop a memecoin with a real project and purpose behind it.

Coin Image

The Doge Coin Black token

$DOGE COIN BLACKis a liquidity generator token on the Binance Smart Chain network with a strong development plan to give utility to it mid and long term.

Additionally each time a transaction is made the token executes two functions:

Reflection: a 3% of the transaction value is distributed amongst the holders of the token.

Lp Generation: 3% of the transaction value contributes automatically to generate new liquidity on pancake swap for the token.

Token Stats

Token Distribution


In order to secure the development of the project we have secured part of the tokens as funds for the development and marketing of the Doge Coin Black Project before the fair launch.

The rest of it was added to the LP token that was sent to the burner address locking it for eternity. Also the ownership of the contract was totally renounced eliminating the possibility of generating new tokens.

Symbol: DOGEB

Total Supply: 500,000,000,000,000

Type: BEP20


Doge Coin Black Team

The community is the strongest team in the world. There is no special team. community running this project.

Doge Coin Black


Contact to Shop:

  • info@dogecoinblack.com
  • Join us on Telegram


Our shop will be launched soon with all our holders. We appreciate your support so look forward to our merchandising.